“For me, yoga with Stella is a big, soothing, comforting hug. It fills me with deep inner happiness”. Judith, Bishopstoke

…That sums up what I’m aiming to enable you to feel!

We all experience enough pressure in our daily lives – you don’t need that pressure when you come to a yoga class. This is time for you!

So, my classes are non-competitive, encouraging, and inspiring. We always work in stages with the yoga poses so you can work to a level which feels good for you. I don’t teach extremely physically demanding poses such as shoulder stands, headstands, handstands or arm balances.

My aim is to create a safe, nurturing space for you to release physical tension and to take time out from your busy day to do something good for yourself: to move your body in a way which brings ease; to breathe deeply for calm; to give you time just to relax and be still.

Slow down, release, relax – do something for YOU to make your soul happy.

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Good to know

  • Beyond practising with safe alignment, I believe there’s no right or wrong way to practise yoga poses – everyone’s body is different so everyone will express a pose differently.
  • I won’t push you into poses or manually adjust you – see the point above!
  • I don’t pick on people to demonstrate poses.
  • I use English throughout the class – I don’t expect you to be a Sanskrit scholar so I don’t use language you may not understand!
  • We don’t chant. Now I love a good chant of a mantra myself but I’m aware not everyone is comfortable with this so I don’t include this in my yoga classes.
  • The most important point: I want you to enjoy yourself and appreciate the opportunity to do something positive for your health and well-being 🙂

What’s in a class?

My yoga classes contain the following elements:

Activations – a fun, lively way to begin each class, activations enhance circulation, warm up our bodies and prepare our muscles for the stretching and strengthening ahead. They also help us let go of the day we’ve experienced so far and come into the here and now.

Flowing sequences – designed to relieve stress, release tension and blocked energy, and to calm your mind by co-ordinating your movement and breathing.

Yoga Poses – each has its own specific therapeutic benefits for body and mind. Many are based on therapeutic stretches to release tension from your body; improve your posture and flexibility; ease back / joint pain and discomfort;  and strengthen and tone your muscles. And when we add affirmations and visualisations we can take the practice deeper and bring about healing and change.

Breathing techniques – to calm your mind and rejuvenate your body. Learning to breathe well will enhance your sense of well-being and give you tools to use in everyday life if you’re feeling tense or tired.

Deep relaxation – we always finish off with a guided relaxation; time for you to let go and relax!  It’s deeply calming and rejuvenating.

Meditation – a short meditation to help you find peace with your mind to feel calm, clear and relaxed.

Words of wisdom – I always leave you with a few words of wisdom and inspiration at the end of each class, to nourish your soul.

“My favourite part is the led meditation (relaxation) at the end; we don’t get enough moments of time out for ourselves in everyday life.”  Christabel, Southampton

Classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and experience.

Each sequence and movement is learned in stages so you can work to the right level for you and no-one is left out.

“I think at the end of every session that I have used the whole of my body. Dru yoga seems to suit someone of my age.  I tell my friends that we have good fun while we work our bodies. Time just flies past.” Anon, retired

Check out my class timetable.

Read what my students say about my classes.

Yoga style: Dru Yoga

The aim of Dru Yoga is to help relieve the enormous stresses and pressures of modern-day living. It enables you to release tension from your body and relax your mind.

“Dru” means “still point” and in a busy, hurried, harried world, Dru is an oasis of leisure and calm. Here’s why I love it: Time to slow down? Or, why I love slow yoga .

Dru Yoga is a slow and graceful form of yoga that will help you stretch your body, release tension, relax and unwind.

I love it because it’s so  inclusive – I can’t tie myself up in knots and I don’t expect my students to have to!

It centres around flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisations. Joints stay relaxed and soft, core stability is a major focus as is enhancing spinal health and vitality with spinal wave movements and spinal twists.

Dru works on your body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, developing core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

Dru Yoga gives you permission to move without hurry.
It allows you to gently and gradually release tension from your body and mind.

But, make no mistake, you won’t be standing still in my classes! You work every muscle in your body and move every limb – and it gives your mind a work out too as you focus your awareness to concentrate on coordination.

Unique to Dru Yoga

The following elements are principles of Dru yoga and make a Dru class that bit different to other styles of yoga you may have experienced:

  1. Flow – we aim to create a continuous flow of movement and breath during each stage of our practice, helping you to relax and find focus.
  2. The breath – you will learn to use your breath to direct awareness to parts of your body to release tension and discomfort.
  3. Soft joints – we keep our joints soft in Dru yoga to engage and tone our muscles and to enable energy to flow through our bodies.
  4. Core stability – you will improve your posture and muscle balance by strengthening the core muscles.  This strengthens the spine and improves its alignment.
  5. Spinal wave and twist – moving the spine in a mindful way which enhances spinal health and vitality.
  6. Still points – the word ‘Dru’ translates as ‘still point’, and through the flowing movements of Dru yoga  you can find points of stillness within yourself and I encourage mindful awareness of all you experience in class.

Benefits of Dru Yoga

Dru yoga is particularly effective for improving:

  • Core stability
  • Flexibility and strength
  • Mood and emotion swings
  • Resilience to stress
  • Anxiety and fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Spinal flexibility
  • Energy levels
  • Breathing patterns
  • Self-confidence and self-empowerment

Check out the latest research on the benefits of Dru yoga.