Yoga for Back Care

Five weeks of gentle Dru yoga with an emphasis on the back, spine and core.
Tuesdays 7 November-12 December, 7-8.15pm
Bishopstoke Methodist Church, Sedgwick Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6FH
£59 for the course of 5 classes + support materials

“My back pain was always reduced after each session.
Loved the focus, affirmations and being part of a group with similar goals”

“A good range of exercises taught so  you’re able to pick and choose
which are most effective.”

spinal column - yoga for back care

The human spine and back. A wonderful piece of engineering! Capable of such amazing strength and flexibility and balance. It’s at the core of all our movements and our sense of wellbeing.

So, if something gets out of balance in our back it can affect our movements and our quality of life.

Whether through spasms, aches, pains or a niggly sense of stiffness and soreness, back discomfort and pain impacts on our general sense of wellbeing and ability to enjoy life.

Is back pain/discomfort affecting you?

You’re not alone – 80% of us experience back pain at some point in our lives (and I’ve been one of them).

But I want you to know that you can do something about this. You don’t have to suffer.

You can help yourself through movement.

Current medical advice is to keep moving with exercises such as swimming, walking and gentle yoga to aid recovery and restore balance to your movements and improve the health of your back.

This Dru Yoga for Back Care Course includes gentle movements to strengthen core muscles and ease out tight areas; breathing techniques and relaxation to release tension; and it will help you to develop awareness of your posture so you can address poor postural habits.

Let me share with you simple, effective techniques which will empower you to care for your back.

Dru Yoga for Back Care course details

Five weeks of gentle Dru yoga with an emphasis on the back, spine and core.

You’ll also learn about posture; how to breathe effectively; and learn about & experience the important role of relaxation in helping your body and mind to release tension.

The Dru Back Care Programme is currently being run in NHS Trusts and workplaces with effective results.

7-8.15pm, five Tuesdays (spread over 6 weeks, NOTE: there is no session on 28 November):

  • 7 November 2017
  • 14 November
  • 21 November
  • 5 December
  • 12 December

Location: Bishopstoke Methodist Church, Sedgwick Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6FH. Google maps link.  Free parking on site.

Price: £59


In addition, you will receive:

  • a full-colour guide to the movements included in the course each week so you can practise at home;
  • advice on what to practise at home;
  • an mp3 audio of the guided relaxation so you can listen at home;
  • email support throughout the course.

Places are limited to 10 attendees so the group is small and friendly and informal and I can give you individual attention if required.

Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one. I will also have mats available to borrow.

Any questions? Drop me a line via my contact form or  email me at or call on 07741 270448.

About you

  • You are ready to take proactive, positive steps to care for your back.
  • You believe that you CAN feel better (never underestimate the mind/body connection!).
  • You’re willing and able to make time to practise some of the movements you learn between classes and as an ongoing practice for the longer term to keep your back feeling strong and supple.
  • You can get up and down off the floor unassisted.

NOTE: If you have a diagnosed condition affecting your back; your back pain has recently got worse;  you’ve been experiencing issues for a long time; or have any other medical condition which may affect your ability to practise gentle yoga, then please consult your GP before booking.

No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

About your teacher

Yoga in Southampton and Meditation in Eastleigh with Yoga Teacher Stella

I’m Stella Tomlinson, an experienced Dru Yoga Teacher (teaching since 2011) and I’ve also completed the Dru Yoga Postgraduate Back Care Course (2013).

I know how debilitating back pain can be. When I was 12 I fell down two steps and bruised my coccyx (tailbone) – the advice then was to rest in bed, which thankfully has changed! I can still remember now the pain of trying to move after lying down for hours on end.

I also had very poor posture as a teenager – as I was taller than average I tended to round my shoulders to shrink myself down.

I also have been diagnosed with an unstable spinal segment (this means I have an area with an abnormal range of movement) and have experienced pain and spasms because of this.

But now? I’m totally pain free. Because I practise yoga every day and have learned what movement is good for ME.

I am passionate about making yoga as accessible as possible and know that this Dru Yoga for Back Care Course will help you discover tools to simply and effectively care for your back and find a renewed sense of freedom and ease … in body AND mind.


Any questions? Drop me a line or call on 07741 270448.

Feedback from previous course participants

“My back pain was always reduced after each session. Loved the focus, affirmations and being part of a group with similar goals. I feel my back is more flexible each day” {Rosie B}

“I have noticed greater flexibility and range of movement in my back. I am more aware of postural issues and how to improve these as well as certain movements/postures to combat issues with my back.” {Rosie S}

“I found it really helpful to learn about the different muscles and how they work” {Sadhbh O}

“A good range of exercises taught so able to pick and choose which are most effective”; {Ele J}

 “All round help connecting body, mind and spirit.”; {anon}

“I always felt better at the end of the class”; {anon}

“It calmed my mind and stretched my upper body in particular which is often stiff and sore.”; {Katy C}

“I think more about my posture throughout the day and am able to relax better, and if there is any pain, I know how to deal with it.” {anon}

“If I hear of anyone suffering from a back problem I would always tell them to give your Yoga Back course a try.” {anon}

“Lovely to do an exercise class that doesn’t result in pain afterwards for several days!” {anon}

“Exceptionally well organised and great communication and hand outs” {Linda L}

Cancellation policy

Before the course starts: Due to the expected popularity and limited numbers on this course I will not offer a refund unless you or I can can find someone to take your place. Payment is not transferable to other classes or workshops.

Once you have begun the course: Refunds or partial refunds will not be given should your circumstances change during the duration of the course and you can no longer attend.

{Photo credit of blue spine: harinaivoteza via / CC BY-SA}