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How yoga helps back pain

spinal column - yoga for back care
A healthier back = happier you

As a yoga teacher, there’s a phrase I’ll  often hear: “I can’t come to yoga – my back’s hurting”.

And it breaks my heart a little every time I hear it, because yoga can help!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should force yourself to class and onto a yoga mat if you’re in acute pain and you’re crying out every time you move, or you’ve just had an operation on your back and you’re in recovery.

But most of the time when we’re experiencing back pain, spasms, niggles, aches and so on, yoga WILL help. Read more…

Take yoga off the mat … and onto your chair

Office chair - so some yoga on it!
Bring some yoga into your workplace

Do you sit for hours a day? Working at your desk, typing, focusing intently at the screen.
Hours go by and you realize you’ve barely moved.

And by the end of the day your shoulders are up around your ears and so tense, your neck is aching, your back feels like the handle of broom – not like it’s made up of 24 moving vertebrae!

So many of us are forced to sit for long periods because it’s the nature of our job (and then we sit all evening watching TV, or reading, or glued to our laptop of mobile device). And the result is back pain and low energy levels. Read more…

The #1 reason your back hurts

Because you sit all day!

Sitting down all day is bad for your back - move with yoga
Sitting down all day is bad for your back – it’s time to release that tension

Does this scenario sound familiar?

It’s the end of another busy day and your back is in two. You’ve been tethered to your desk all day. You’ve eaten lunch at your desk instead of getting out for some fresh air and to stretch your legs …. again!

And now you’ve got that all-too-familiar nagging ache in your lower back. Tension spreads up to your shoulders and your neck feels stiff.

*Sigh*… The familiar effects of sitting all day! Read more…

I feel your (back) pain…

Muscles connecting the upper extremity to the ...
Backs are strong but complex! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have something to share with you. Something I feel almost guilty to admit it. Something I feel shouldn’t happen to me, because I’m a yoga teacher.

I’ve hurt my back.

Not sure how it happened, or precisely what happened, but since Monday evening something odd has been going on in my lower thoracic spine.

It tends to start off as a bit of a niggly ache in the morning and gets worse through the day. Sometimes as I move the muscles in the middle of my back spasm – leading to much catching of breath and grimacing 🙁

I can’t pin point when it started and can’t link it to anything specific I’ve done.  But it’s there, and it’s getting on my nerves… Read more…

Keep on moving!

This week I started a new, part-time, desk-based job after 9 months away from that environment. And doesn’t my back know it…

After just two days of sitting for most of the day at the desk and using a computer, my back and shoulders really stiffened up. And that’s even with sitting with awareness and endeavouring to maintain a good posture!

It really brought home to me the importance of consciously moving your body, every day. Read more…