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A prayer for inner peace

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, a place to find inner peace
The magical Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Do you have a special place? Where you straight away feel connected to inner peace? Perhaps it’s somewhere close by, or a place in your heart.

One such place for me is the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

I went again recently – my second visit to Glastonbury this year and I know it will be a place I keep returning to!

The Chalice Well gardens are a beautiful sanctuary of peace – have you been there?

Every time I go there (three times just in this latest visit!) I receive so much guidance and clarity. It truly is a magical place.

So, I’d love to share with you a simple vision, a prayer for inner peace and connection which came to me, fully formed, as I sat with the late-summer sun shining down on me in the Chalice Well Gardens recently. Read more…

Yoga: what’s the point?

The Yoga Path: Mindful yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh
The yoga path: often challenging but always rewarding

So, I’ve been rather confused about yoga and my place in the world as a yoga teacher of late.

Increasingly, yoga seems to be about challenging poses, contortions, arm balances, headstands and pushing through your fears – at least that’s how it’s represented and how many teachers teach it.

But to me, practising yoga has always been about “stilling the thought waves of the mind”  (as Patanjali, the sage behind the ancient Yoga Sutras states).  A practice of becoming aware and alive to the subtleties of my body, emotions and mind and to connect to my inner self and inner peace. Read more…

Where’s your head at?

Busy (Photo credit: AJC1)

I have to admit: my head’s been all over the place this week!

Crazy busy at work, yoga ideas whizzing around my mind, excited about the yoga show next week, feeling a bit anxious for the two nights I was home alone because my husband was away with work , and wondering if/when I’m going to hear about a permanent part-time job with my employer as my current role is finishing soon…

The result? Forgetting to meet someone before yoga class, leaving a gas hob on overnight (yes, one of the nights I was home alone) and a call to the emergency gas hotline in the morning, and a very frazzled Stella!!!

But actually it was not the situations themselves, or being busy itself, that have affected me. No, it’s been my busy mind, running away all over the place, that’s sapped my energy and sent me off-focus. Read more…