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Time to slow down? Or, why I love slow yoga

Sunlight glinting through a crystal
Slow down and what might you notice? (Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson)

Life is so fast.

We feel the need to pack so much into each day. We drive too quickly. We eat too quickly. We spend any spare moments checking up on emails or social networks. Our minds race. We work long hours. We’re constantly juggling different things, desperately trying to multi-task our way to whatever success means to us. And when we exercise, we might run or go spinning – we keep that fast, competitive race going.

Days, weeks, months, even years fly by almost without us noticing.

It’s no surprise that many of us have a niggling sense that something isn’t right; that we’re missing something. But too often we try to fill that gap with more stuff – more activity, more material goods.

I believe that what we’re actually missing is the present moment. Being in the here and now. And that’s why I practise, and teach, slow yoga.   Read more…