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What to do when your anxious mind overwhelms you

Ground yourself with mindful yoga in southampton and yoga in eastleigh
Imagine you have the roots of these beautiful old trees at Avebury: you are grounded and secure.

Your mind is whirring. Jumping from this place to that. You’re finding it difficult to focus.

Your jaw is tense. Your shoulders are up around your ears. There’s a feeling of contraction and tightness throughout your body. You’re barely breathing.

You’ve got that familiar feeling of not being quite able to put your finger on what’s wrong. An uncomfortable feeling you’re forgetting something; that you’re missing out on something; that something bad is going to happen; that you’re just not going to be able to get everything done that you need to.

Anxiety is with you again.

I know how it feels.
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The Art of Calm: Why you need to practise relaxation (and 5 ways to do it)

Calm water: Calming, relaxing yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh
Calming the waters of your mind: the art of calm and relaxation

Blimey, it can be difficult to relax can’t it?

Your to-do list is a mile long, and as soon as you cross one thing off another three get added! There’s always something to do, someone to speak to, some problem to sort out, some deadline to meet; some occasion to go to; some fun to be had… The list is (seemingly) endless.

And if you do manage to make some precious quiet-time for yourself, then your whirring, busy, planning, judging mind seems to get even louder! Frustrating!

So many people who come to my yoga classes tell me that they find it difficult to switch off, or, at the other end of the spectrum they’re so exhausted by all the busy-ness they just fall asleep as soon as they lie-down for the guided relaxation. Read more…

The Power of Awareness and Positive Intention

Into the light
Set a positive intention – head towards the light!

If there’s one thing my yoga practice has taught me – it’s the power of the mind to shape the way you experience life.

If your mind is all over the place and unfocused – you’ll feel pulled this way and that in all that you do.

If your mind dwells in the past – you will find it difficult to approach the future with confidence.

If your mind is always jumping forward anticipating all the “what ifs” of any given situation – you will find it impossible to enjoy what you have, here, in your life now.

Believe me,  I know this to be true, because that’s what I’ve experienced myself! Read more…

Are you highly sensitive? (And why that’s a good thing)

Hollyhock detail, noticed by a highly sensitive person
Are you sensitive to the subtleties and beauties around you?

“Don’t be so sensitive”. “You need to be more thick-skinned”. “Why were you so quiet at that party?” “You were so shy as a child”. “Don’t be a spoil sport”. “You’re so highly strung!”

Have you been on the receiving end of such comments?  Did they feel painful? Do they still feel hurtful?

If so, perhaps your craving for quiet-time, to withdraw from the world sometimes, to day dream, to connect to your rich inner life, feels totally at odds with a society which values and rewards being out-there, assertively voicing your point of view, speaking before thinking, always being sociable and willing to network, and pushing yourself harder each and every day.

Being quieter and introspective in an aggressive society can feel painful. Read more…

3 simple ways to help you sleep better

Digital clock showing 4.12
I need to sleep!!

It’s the middle of the night. You want to sleep. You need to sleep.

Now, it’s past 4am and you’re awake again – you’re counting down the hours til your alarm clock is going to rudely awaken you from your slumber.

But sleep just won’t come.

And the more you try to will yourself to sleep, the more you find yourself tossing and turning … and now it’s 5.30am and you have that horrible feeling that you’re going to feel in a brain fog all day because you have had yet another interrupted night’s sleep.

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