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New Year Meditation: use the power of your intention

Power of intentionHappy New Year!  I hope that you and yours had a good Christmas and New Year.

If it was in any way tinged with stress or sadness or frustration then I send you much love … and hope and joy for the new year ahead.

So, to mark this transition from the old year into the new I have created this guided meditation focusing on the power of intention.

I’ll guide you through releasing the old year, opening to the new, and help you choose a word for the year to act as your focus and guide to create the life you’d love – with intention.

Never under-estimate the power of focusing your mind and intention.

“If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t” ~ Chuck Palahniuk

SO true. Read more…

Make joy your resolution this year

Southampton yoga teacher Stella with her joy jar
My Joy Jar 2016

Happy New Year!  Goodbye to 2016 – a very, ahem, “interesting” year for Britain and the world… How was it for you?

Hello 2017! Here’s to a calm and soulful year of reconnection. Let’s make 2017 a wonderful year of kindness, self-care and compassion.

Would you like to feel more joyful? More present? At peace, calm and contented?

Then start this new year as you mean to go on: choose an attitude of gratitude and notice the joyful moments that occur each and every day in your life. You just need open eyes and a willing heart and you will see them.

No matter the measure of health and wellbeing you have. No matter the challenges you are facing. There is always something which can spark joy.

Maybe it’s the robin jumping around in the garden. The blue-green sheen on a Mallard’s head. The pattern of raindrops as they roll down the window. The rustle of leaves in the breeze. The pattern of frost on a leaf. The smile of a loved one. The feeling of understanding as you chat with a friend. Quiet-time alone to recharge your batteries.

Everyday there will be something in your life which connects you to your heart, to joy, to the present moment. Read more…

Why making New Year’s resolutions doesn’t work {and what to make instead}

Happy New Year!

The year has turned again. Happy New Year!

Traditionally this is a time to make New Year resolutions… and traditionally, about say 5 or 6 weeks down the line, is the time to break them and feel a sense of defeat and self-judgement and all round grumpiness.

I don’t want you to feel that way!

I know that you can make the changes you want to in your life – and stick to them. To fulfil your potential. To shine out your gifts to the world.

How? Well, step one: don’t bother with New Year resolutions.

Scrap ‘em. Don’t even think about them.

Why? Read more…

Gain a sense of perspective: sell the goat!

Smiling goat
What goats can you sell?!

So, there I was, sitting staring at the rain crashing against the window on New Year ’s Day, feeling a bit tired and grumpy. I certainly was not feeling the New Year / new possibilities / yay isn’t life great vibe…

It was literally, and metaphorically, one of those grey days.

There was no particular reason for this mood (other than the bad weather and a general sluggishness brought on by the excesses and late nights of the Christmas season!) but I felt a bit down and not particularly excited about the year ahead.

And then I felt sad about that as this will be an exciting year for me as it’s the year when I will start to teach more yoga as I go properly part-time in my day job in spring.

But I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, I picked up the book lying next to me on the sofa, “Living Your Yoga” by Judith Lasater, and flicked through some of the chapters I had previously read. I paused on the chapter on “Perspective” and as soon as I read this line a light bulb flicked on in my head:

“Your life is as it is. How you feel about your life is up to you”. Read more…