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Are fear and anxiety a natural response to life?

Our highly sophisticated brain is always scanning for dangers in our environment

Now, there’s a claim. Fear and anxiety are a natural reaction to being alive?  Blimey, that doesn’t sound very positive does it?!

But if we delve a little deeper into this idea it makes a lot of sense – and empowers us to take control of how we react to life’s challenges.

It’s about the human being’s survival instinct.  Ancient (wo)man had to be on a constant state of alert to the very real dangers around them – being hunted by animals, attacked by other tribes, being on the lookout for poisonous berries, and venomous insects in their environment.

As our bodies are vulnerable (we don’t have sharp teeth or claws to attack, our skin doesn’t have protective covering of scales or fur) human beings have always had to use their mind to develop ways to protect us or defend ourselves.

Over thousands of years our brains have evolved into a highly sophisticated tool which is on a constant state of alertness. But over these thousands and thousands of years the threats to our existence have very much changed. Read more…

Take yoga off the mat … and onto your chair

Office chair - so some yoga on it!
Bring some yoga into your workplace

Do you sit for hours a day? Working at your desk, typing, focusing intently at the screen.
Hours go by and you realize you’ve barely moved.

And by the end of the day your shoulders are up around your ears and so tense, your neck is aching, your back feels like the handle of broom – not like it’s made up of 24 moving vertebrae!

So many of us are forced to sit for long periods because it’s the nature of our job (and then we sit all evening watching TV, or reading, or glued to our laptop of mobile device). And the result is back pain and low energy levels. Read more…

Living with back pain? Here’s how yoga can help you

spinal column
The spine is a graceful yet powerful thing of beauty

Does your back hurt?

Do you often feel an ache, tension or stiffness in your back?

Maybe you wriggle around trying to find a comfortable way to sit.  And it’s made worse by sitting all day.

It’s never far from your mind. You often find yourself bracing in expectation of pain or avoiding certain movements so as not to aggravate your back.

Back pain is virtually an epidemic in the UK!  We seem to accept it as a fact of life – most of us (myself included) experience it as some point in our lives. Read more…

Quick and easy ways to benefit from yoga every day

Cat pose for daily yoga
Take inspiration from a cat and bring some yoga into your life every day!

So, you’ve tried this yoga thing.

You’ve experienced the benefits of increased flexibility or relief from back pain. Maybe you’re sleeping better and you feel more relaxed in every day life.

Hey, this yoga stuff really works!

And now you’re thinking you’d like to do it more often. But where do you begin? How do you make time?

Often I hear from students who come to my classes that they’d love to do more yoga. They’re feeling the benefits and recognize that a more regular practice would benefit them deeply.

But the most frequent barrier I hear is that they say they haven’t got enough time in their day or space in their home.

I totally understand the frustration! We lead such busy, frantic, full lives. It can be challenging to carve out space in your schedule for some much-needed me time.

But, be aware, a yoga practice isn’t just a 60-minute movement, breathing and relaxation session on a yoga mat.

No, you can bring yoga into your life guerilla-stylee and carve our a few minutes here and there of mindful movement and breath awareness.

So, here are my two top tips to establishing your own yoga practice. Read more…