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I’ve finally done it!

“Most [wo]men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Here's my excited face
Excited to finally be walking on MY path

I don’t want to be one of those people.

So, I’ve taken the leap. I’ve done what I’ve long been dreaming of. I’m taking control of my life and my destiny.

I’m going to sing MY song.

I’ve handed in my notice at work to leave my part-time job in one month’s time.

I’m devoting my life to play my small part in helping to relieve the suffering of stress and anxiety through calming yoga, relaxation and meditation.

I have a calling. It’s always been there. To do something useful. To make a difference. To help others. To empower others that there is a different way in life. To write. To create. To get up on stage somehow. To inspire.

To let as many people know as possible that life doesn’t have to be struggle and difficulty and stress and self-loathing and quiet desperation. That we are free despite the mass manipulation by of our governments and media and culture with their twisted messages of fear and self-loathing and hatred of others.

But first I had to make my own journey from that dark place to a different one.

To a place of joy and self-acceptance and permission to do what lights me up. Of lightness. Of simplicity. To a place of self-belief. Read more…

Four steps to let go of guilt and let yourself relax

guiltyFinally. You have 30 minutes with nothing scheduled.  Some precious me-time alone. Time where you can just do what YOU like. Ah lovely…

But then, you remember the bins need putting out. Ah, you forgot to answer that email. Hmm, you haven’t spoken to such-and-such for a while may you should give them a ring.

And you start to feel guilty for not getting on with stuff which “needs” doing.

Guilt strikes

Feeling guilty. It usually comes with an unhelpful dose of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. That nagging feeling you should be doing something else instead. The knot in the stomach. The tension in the head and shoulders. The chattering thoughts.

The guilt comes with an extra whack when we’re doing something just for ourselves. Some aspect of self care that we know we desperately need but we somehow find difficult to allow ourselves to have. Quite time away from the kids and family.  Time to go for a walk and get some fresh air at lunchtime to get out of the office and  away from the ever-refilling email inbox. Saying a gentle but firm “no” to looking after the grandkids at short notice when you had some me-time planned.

And we either cave into the guilt and prioritise others’ needs or the guilt consumes us and we don’t enjoy what we’re doing.

Sound familiar? Read more…

Why calm + grounded DOESN’T = nice

Be calm. Be groundedI root I Rise: grounding yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh. But don’t feel you have to be nice!

Grounding into the support of the strong earth beneath.  Living in the present moment. Accessing inner peace.  Releasing that which no longer serves me with my breath and my awareness.

For me, these are all vital practices within my life every day.

But please, don’t mistake being grounded and calm for being a nice, good girl, or a push-over! Read more…

Choose gratitude and joy this January

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! The year has turned again and here you are at the start of 2016.

Are you feeling the calling to turn a new leaf? To make resolutions? To stop doing this; to change that; to be more this; to do less of the other?

It’s natural to feel this at the start of a year.

However, most New Year’s resolutions tend to be based on a feeling that we’re not good enough, that we need to stop making bad choices and that if only we could be thinner, or drink less, or break the social media addiction then our life would be perfect and we would be happy. Read more…

Have a joyful Christmas

Feel Joy - with calming, nurturing Dru Yoga classes in Southampton and Eastleigh
Look for joy!

“Joy to the world!” So exclaims the Christmas carol. Are you feeling joyful at the moment?

So many people I speak to at the moment are feeling tired, full of cold, wishing the days away until their Christmas break – as well as slightly (or openly!) dreading the amount of work Christmas entails.

…The shopping, the wrapping, the presents, the keeping-everyone-happy-but-forgetting-about-yourself push, push, push of the festive season.

I’ve found myself grumbling about Christmas too – I don’t feel Christmassy, I wish the weather was more seasonal, I’m fed up of Christmas already because it’s been around in the shops since the start of November… Bah humbug! Read more…

Why you need to stand up for serenity and leave struggle behind

Uphill struggle
Does life feel like an uphill struggle?

Life can seem like such an uphill struggle sometimes.

Too much to do, not enough time.

Arguments with the family, friction at work.

Worries about your or your family’s health.

The media telling you should eat this and not that, that you should exercise like this and not like that. That you’re drinking too little, not enough. That you should be doing such-and-such for a happy life, live somewhere else, feel different, be different.  Argh!!!

You crave a way to find a moment’s peace; to drop the angst and self-judgement and find some serenity. Read more…

Strange things can happen when you relax – and here’s why that’s a good thing

Eyes closed relaxing
Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and prepare to relax…

Have you ever experienced something a little odd when you’ve tried to relax?

Maybe your body twitches.  Random images float in your mind’s eye. You remember things or people you hadn’t thought about in years. Memories come to the surface. Maybe your mind simply won’t shut up.

I hear lots of interesting feedback from people who come to my yoga classes. They love the deep, therapeutic relaxation which ends every class but sometimes their experience is, well, a bit unexpected.

One lady said she feels like she goes off into some kind of dream state. Someone else told me they feel like they were almost going to sleep and then their whole body had jolted awake (although I could see that they’d barely moved). And there’s the classic “when I try to relax my mind prepares shopping lists” reaction!

I love a deep relaxation myself, but my common experience is: ideas come up for yoga classes and blog articles; I remember people I need to email; I get inspiration for a new workshop; or I remember a yoga pose I was going to practise today and I forgot.

If you’ve experienced anything like this, don’t worry, it’s all perfectly natural! Read more…

40 lessons I’ve learned from life, love and yoga … as I turn 40

Happy birthday to me :)
Happy birthday to me 🙂

So on Monday 2nd February 2015, I turned 40!

Part of me is thinking “blimey, how did that happen?!” Part of me is sticking my fingers in my ears going “la, la, la this isn’t happening, surely I’m still in my 20s?!”

But another part of me – and this is the loudest voice – feels interested about turning 40. Why the angst? It’s just a number. There’s no point railing against it – sulking about your age isn’t going to make you younger or happier!

So, I’m not sulking, I’m embracing turning 40.

I feel the happiest and most fulfilled than I ever have.

After spending much of my 20s and 30s full of angst about what to do with my life, I have now created what for me, at this moment, is a perfect balance. I work part-time and I spend the rest of my time teaching, writing about, practising and studying yoga. I’m living in a lovely part of the world with my soulmate. I have enough time and money to live comfortably.

So, in celebration of my new decade, here are 40 lessons life, love and yoga have taught me.  I hope they inform, amuse and inspire you. Read more…

Why making New Year’s resolutions doesn’t work {and what to make instead}

Happy New Year!

The year has turned again. Happy New Year!

Traditionally this is a time to make New Year resolutions… and traditionally, about say 5 or 6 weeks down the line, is the time to break them and feel a sense of defeat and self-judgement and all round grumpiness.

I don’t want you to feel that way!

I know that you can make the changes you want to in your life – and stick to them. To fulfil your potential. To shine out your gifts to the world.

How? Well, step one: don’t bother with New Year resolutions.

Scrap ‘em. Don’t even think about them.

Why? Read more…

Have yourself a very yogic Christmas

Christmas lights
I love a bit of festive sparkle

It’s Christmas time again.  The festive season of merriness and good will to all!

But … have you finished your Christmas shopping? (No? I haven’t either… oopsie!) Are you already worrying about how many mince pies you’ve eaten? Are you worried about Christmas travel – train woes, or getting stuck in traffic?

Maybe there’s a secret part of you almost dreading Christmas because you’ve got the whole family descending and you know it’s going to be exhausting.

This time of year, can be magical. The sharp, frosty, glittering mornings; the radiant glow of the soft late-afternoon sun. The child-like excitement; the getting together to drink and be merry; the sharing; and lots of lovely food.

But, let’s be honest, it comes with its pressures. Spend, spend, spend! Party, party, party! Eat, drink, eat, drink! You WILL have fun (or be called a Scrooge if you don’t)!

I look around me and I see so many people looking totally exhausted.

So here’s how I suggest we can bring a yogic approach to mid-Winter and the festive season to promote a sense of harmony within – and with those we are spending Christmas-time with. Read more…