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Check your balance

Balancing in Tree pose
Bringing some balance into my life

So spring has sprung! We’ve just past the Spring Equinox, so it’s officially spring 🙂  The two equinoxes – in spring and autumn – mark a perfect point of balance in the year: when day and night are equal.

So it’s a good time to reflect on whether we have a sense of balance in all aspects of our lives. And as trees, flowers and plant-life everywhere are springing into action all around us, it’s also a wonderful time of the year to think about our own growth and how we can make positive change in our lives.

So here’s some yogic inspiration to get you thinking… Read more…

Calming the monkey mind

550d Monkey
Do you have a monkey mind?
(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

“Yoga is stilling the thought-waves of the mind” ~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (1.2)

So, hands up, who has a busy mind? (My hand is going up too in case you were wondering!)

A mind that is constantly chattering away; providing a running commentary on what you’re doing now, running through the past and worrying about the future.

A chattering mind, which is constantly judging and commenting, and is looking for constant stimulation. Read more…

To buy or not to buy … that is the (ethical) question!

50 pound notes
To buy or not to buy

Did you know that last Saturday (24th November 2012) was UK Buy Nothing Day? How did you spend the day? Chances are shopping was involved as it’s getting close to Christmas!

I actually did manage to buy nothing last Saturday. Although I have to admit that the torrential rain probably had more to do with it than a commitment to buying nothing, as the weather meant I didn’t go out.

However, it got me thinking about the power we hold within our purse and how we spend our hard-earned cash. Read more…

We are all connected

A ripple on the surface of a pond
Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson

An email popped into my inbox the other day which included this: “If you think you go around in the world unseen or unrecognized, you’re incorrect. We are all acutely aware of each other, and energy leads the way, more than what we do or say”. [ From Planet SARK ]

As one who, through lack of confidence, has in the past tried to hide myself away on some level and not be noticed, this really struck a chord with me. Read more…