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Listen to your heart

Rose Quartz HeartWhich rules within you? Your head or your heart? 

It’s a tricky one.

Do we make choices based on logic, analysis and perceived knowledge, or make them based on inner guidance which often arises as a strong feeling in the body – and may defy logic?

I used to just live in my head, but it was a fretful space to occupy … so now I make it my daily spiritual practice to tune into my heart, because:

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction” ~ Rumi

These words really go to the heart of why I teach and share what I do!

When you settle the body and quieten your mind you will find that you begin to hear a quiet voice whispering to you – the voice of inner wisdom.

Whether you feel its your heart, your soul, your intuition or the voice of god/dess talking to you – we *all* have access to this inner guidance. Read more…

Where’s your head at?

Busy (Photo credit: AJC1)

I have to admit: my head’s been all over the place this week!

Crazy busy at work, yoga ideas whizzing around my mind, excited about the yoga show next week, feeling a bit anxious for the two nights I was home alone because my husband was away with work , and wondering if/when I’m going to hear about a permanent part-time job with my employer as my current role is finishing soon…

The result? Forgetting to meet someone before yoga class, leaving a gas hob on overnight (yes, one of the nights I was home alone) and a call to the emergency gas hotline in the morning, and a very frazzled Stella!!!

But actually it was not the situations themselves, or being busy itself, that have affected me. No, it’s been my busy mind, running away all over the place, that’s sapped my energy and sent me off-focus. Read more…