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Descending – a poem for late autumn

Samhain altar
My Samhain (late October/November) altar

As we move into this darkest phase of the year here in the northern hemisphere, it can sometimes feel challenging.

You might grieve the loss of the sunny days of summer.

You might find that your energy levels are all over the place.

You may resist the darkness and wish to escape.

But the darkness is part of the cycle of life.

So, dear one, I invite you: don’t be afraid of the darkness.

As we move into this darkest phase of the year, I invite you to embrace the opportunity to slow down and look within.

Let what needs to die and fall away do just that.

Release. Exhale.

Embrace the darkness and let it nourish your soul.

I wrote these words at Samhain last year. I hope they help you to embrace the gifts that late autumn and early winter can offer.


No words, just feeling.
Drawing in, releasing.

Going inwards, a natural calling.
Moving into the dark: the quiet womb of winter.

Looking with.
This is the time for dreams – no need for action.

Just being.

Descending into the cave of my heart.
Laying myself down to rest til the light is returning.

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Living in Cycles

Seaonal picturesThis year I’ve been living differently.

I’ve been recognising and honouring the cyclic nature of life, and of life as a woman.

I’ve been attentive to the seasons as they change.

I’ve been marking the old Celtic Festivals of the Summer & Winter Solstices, the spring and autumn Equinoxes, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain.

I’ve been watching the cycles of the moon phases.

And I’ve been honouring the cyclic nature of being a woman: the monthly cycle.

And alongside this I’ve been watching and noticing the ebb and flow of my high sensitivity and how it interacts with these cycles.

Not forgetting that cycle which is within us each and every moment: the constant cycle of the inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale… Read more…