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Overcome Christmas Overwhelm

Christmas time - keep calm with relaxing yoga in Southampton and Eastleigh
Keep calm and carry on with Christmas

It’s Christmas!!! Yay? Or …Nay?

Ah, Christmas, lovely Christmas. Full of joy, full of sparkle, full of giving.

Full of panicked shoppers, full of to-do lists a mile long, full of demands on your time, full of making polite conversation at parties and socials with colleagues and semi-acquaintances and relatives you haven’t seen all year… Read more…

Have yourself a very yogic Christmas

Christmas lights
I love a bit of festive sparkle

It’s Christmas time again.  The festive season of merriness and good will to all!

But … have you finished your Christmas shopping? (No? I haven’t either… oopsie!) Are you already worrying about how many mince pies you’ve eaten? Are you worried about Christmas travel – train woes, or getting stuck in traffic?

Maybe there’s a secret part of you almost dreading Christmas because you’ve got the whole family descending and you know it’s going to be exhausting.

This time of year, can be magical. The sharp, frosty, glittering mornings; the radiant glow of the soft late-afternoon sun. The child-like excitement; the getting together to drink and be merry; the sharing; and lots of lovely food.

But, let’s be honest, it comes with its pressures. Spend, spend, spend! Party, party, party! Eat, drink, eat, drink! You WILL have fun (or be called a Scrooge if you don’t)!

I look around me and I see so many people looking totally exhausted.

So here’s how I suggest we can bring a yogic approach to mid-Winter and the festive season to promote a sense of harmony within – and with those we are spending Christmas-time with. Read more…