Private Yoga & Meditation 1-2-1 Sessions

Private yoga and meditation sessions offer you personalised tuition and mentoring in Dru Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness.

I specialise in offering Dru yoga and meditation, and restorative yoga, to ease anxiety and stress.

Private yoga sessions are ideal if you can’t make class, don’t feel comfortable in a class environment, are nervous about starting yoga / meditation, or would like to dive more deeply into the stress and anxiety-relieving practices of yoga and meditation.

Sessions take place at my home in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh in Hampshire UK.

Yoga for calm sessions

If you’d like to learn yoga techniques to ease stress and anxiety and tame your busy mind then let me show you how.

Whether you’re a yoga beginner or would like to dive more deeply into how yoga can help you emotionally and mentally as well as physically, you will experience and learn techniques from the Dru Yoga wellbeing toolkit to empower you to deal with anxiety and stress.

You will receive a guide to what we practise so you can continue at home.

Rest & Restore

Feel safe, calm and rested by experiencing Restorative Yoga.

Perfect if you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, are recovering from illness or just need some peace and quiet in your life!

I’ll provide yoga bolsters and other props to completely support your body, allowing your nervous system to come back into balance.  This gentle, still, calming approach to yoga supports your physical, energetic, emotional and mental wellbeing.

It improves your sense of wellbeing and restores peace and equanimity within both body and mind.

Meditation Mentoring

If you’re new to meditation I will guide you through the essentials on preparing the body for meditation, how to sit and some simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to get you started with meditation.

Or if you already have some meditation experience and would like to explore this further in a 1-2-1 setting I can guide you through meditation to suit your needs.

I will record and provide meditations for you to use in your own practice.


You can book for a one-off session or a package of three and save £15.

  • 60 minutes: £45 one-off or  block-book, pre-paid 3 sessions for £120
  • 75 minutes: £55 one-off or  block-book, pre-paid 3 sessions for £150


Sessions take place at my home in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh in Hampshire:

  • Monday afternoon
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Sometimes I can offer a Tuesday evening or Wednesday early evening

Please note: I only accept new male clients by referral.

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