Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage at my home in Eastleigh, to ease tension, de-stress and relax.

The view of my garden from my Indian Head Massage treatment space
My soul-soothing garden

Let me ease away the tension in your upper back, shoulders and neck. Let me soothe your face and wake up your scalp.

Treat yourself to an Indian Head Massage in my calming home overlooking my pretty soul-soothing, secluded garden.

Indian Head Massage is perfect if you:

  • suffer from upper back, shoulder and neck stiffness / tension
  • experience headaches and migraine
  • sit at a desk for long periods

or just because you want to do something good for yourself!

Treatments I offer

I offer Indian Head Massage or Indian Head Massage + a deep guided relaxation, where, after the massage, I’ll create a beautifully comfortable nest of yoga bolsters for you so you can lie down, completely supported and all tucked in, to be guided through a rejuvenating deep relaxation. In the combined massage + relaxation sessions I also use Zephorium Soul Tonics for a blissfully indulgent experience.

  • Peaceful Pause 30 minute Indian Head Massage: £25
  • Peaceful Haven 45 minute Indian Head Massage: £35
  • Serene Space 30 minute Indian Head Massage + deep relaxation (total time of 60 minutes): £45
  • Blissful Haven 45 minute Indian Head Massage + deep  relaxation(total time of 75 minutes): £55

“I had a really lovely hour having a Serene Space head massage and relaxation. I arrived tense and frustrated dealing with building problems and left, as the name suggests, serene. Thank you.” ~ Maureen

Treatments take place in my home in Bishopstoke, Eastleigh in Hampshire (address given at confirmation of booking).

Payment at the treatment by cash or cheque.

Please note: I only accept new male clients by referral.

Book a session

Treatment times:

  • Monday:  Day-time (3pm latest start time)
  • Tuesday: Day-time & evening (7.45pm latest start time)
  • Wednesday: Morning
  • Thursday: Afternoon (3.30pm latest start time)
  • Friday: Afternoon (4pm latest start time)

Complete the form to book a treatment and I’ll get back to you to confirm, or phone me on 07741 270448.

What is Indian Head Massage & what does a treatment involve?

Well, it’s not just the head!

It’s a deeply relaxing 30 minute massage of the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. The 45 minute version which also includes a massage of the forearms and hands.

You’ll receive the massage sitting in a chair.

Oils can be used on skin and scalp, or just your skin, or not at all – your choice!

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

  • Creates a feeling of calm.
  • Relaxes tense muscles in the head, neck and shoulders.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Improves circulation by increasing the blood flow to the head, neck and shoulders and improves lymphatic flow.
  • Improves circulation to the skin and hair, promoting healthy hair growth and helping to improve the condition of the hair.
  • Increases the oxygen supply to the brain, improving mental alertness, promoting clearer thinking, concentration and alertness.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or change your session appointment please advise me within 48 hours wherever possible. I reserve the right to charge the full session fee for cancellations made with 24 hours notice or less, at my discretion, unless the appointment is re-filled.