Slow down. Listen to your heart. Nurture your soul.
Wednesdays 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May 2019 | 7-8.30pm
Bishopstoke Methodist Church, Sedgwick Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, SO50 6FH (View on map)
£60, includes guides to and recordings of what we practise, so you can continue the practices at home if you wish.

10 places max.

Heart & Soul Connection

Heart and Soul Connection meditation, Eastleigh, Hampshire.A 4-week experiential course to guide you to connect to your heart and soul; to quieten the mind; to bring healing and comfort; and to connect to a greater sense of inner peace and joy within a small group of like-souled people.

The guidance of the heart and soul guidance is available to all of us. Trouble, it’s so easy to have learned ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour which cut us off from the loving guidance which is within us. We’ve been taught to look outside ourselves for happiness and answers and contentment.

So in this inspiring and healing 4-week course you will learn and experience techniques and energy-shifting practices to guide you to find peace in your heart and learn to quieten the incessant chatter of your mind so you can hear the inner guidance of your soul. We will work with intentional movement, meditation and guided self-reflection to find freedom, peace, and heart and soul connection.

Who’s it for?

This is a course for anyone who is interested in living a more heart-and-soul-led life – and learning ways to do so!

If words like “soul”, “spirit” & “energy” make you wince, then my friend, look elsewhere because these words frequently come out of my mouth! If you’re happy to keep a tight lid on your emotions and don’t want to open that particular can of worms, then … well you get the picture. This course won’t be for you!

But if you’re ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect you back to you; acknowledge your emotions; and nurture your soul then let me welcome you with open arms.

If you’re open to inviting self-acceptance as well as the willingness to change and release what no longer is serving you; if you’d like to work with intentions so you can create the life you yearn for; if you would love to connect to the inner guidance of the wisdom of your soul, then I would love to walk beside you on this journey to wholeness.

Course outline

Each week I will share with you practices from the fields of meditation, Dru Yoga, mindfulness, and energy medicine that you can bring into your daily life, so you can live less from the headspace of the fretful over-analytical mind and live a heart-and-soul-led life filled with gratitude, self-compassion and kindness, clear intention and in connection with inner guidance.

Week 1: Gratitude

Connecting to gratitude for who you are and what you have in your life right here and now is a simple yet powerful way to connect to the energy of your heart.

Gratitude practices encourage perspective, comfort and a sense of ease and contentment by helping you to shift your focus from stress and lack and fear to a reappraisal of the good you DO have in your life.

Week 2: Self-kindness and compassion

Are you kind to others … and critical and judgmental of yourself?

Time to stop that!

This week of the course we build on the heart-opening power of gratitude, to kindly and courageously offering compassion and kindness to ourselves. To acknowledge our inner critic, to thank her/him for trying to keep us safe (because that’s all it’s really trying to do), and bravely choosing to see how we can be kinder to ourselves.

And when we come from a place of self-kindness and compassion we can truly be there for others without resentment or fear.

Week 3: Intention

What are your values? What do you want from life? How do you want to feel?

Now you’ll connect to your soul’s whispers and longings through guided enquiry practices and yoga nidra.

To give yourself direction in life; to discover and align to your purpose so that you may live in congruence with your soul’s gifts.

Week 4: Inner guidance

Bringing all that you’ve learned and together, in this final week of the course you will learn practices that help you to look within: to connect to the whispers of your heart and the guidance of your soul.

I can’t wait to guide you on this journey to greater peace, connection and self-acceptance and self-trust.

£60, includes guides to and recordings of what we practise, so you can continue the practices at home if you wish.
If you prefer to pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer then please contact me, but your place isn’t confirmed until payment has been received.

Your guide

Stella Tomlinson - Living in Rhythm - movement, yoga, meditation, relaxation, stillness, inner peaceStella Tomlinson is an intuitive, open-hearted and experienced Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher, the author of the book ‘Peace Lies within’; an Emotional Energy Freedom Technique Master Practitioner; Priestess-in-Training and a Highly Sensitive Person.

She has a passion for empowering sensitive, soulful people to connect to inner peace by living in rhythm with the cycles and flow of life through movement, rest, meditation, guided self-enquiry, ceremony and cycle and seasonal awareness in alignment with their needs as a high sensitive.

Kind words about Stella

Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism has given me the tools to self soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. I love her approach and realistic view of life. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart.  ~ Dee, Eastleigh

Stella is so welcoming, so encouraging, so peaceful and free. There is so much love shared and so much wisdom. ~ Tracey, Southampton


Some practicalities

No experience of meditation is required, but please note this is not a course on how to meditate. Recordings and guides of the techniques will be shared with you – it’s up to you whether / when / how you bring them into your daily life!

Meditation cushions and/or chairs will be provided. But please bring a yoga mat or something similar – although I do have a few spare. Let me know if you need to borrow one!

The movement included will be gentle and mindful and slow. You will benefit most if you are able to get up and down off the floor unaided.

Cancellation policy

Payment is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your spot if you can no longer make it. Neither is it transferable to another class or event.