“Stella’s beautiful soul and calming realism has helped me step by step to find the way out of a long dark tunnel. Given me the tools to self soothe and find peace and strength to deal with day to day life. I love her approach and realistic view of life and how to enable her students. A truly beautiful lady with an open, giving and welcoming heart. Dru yoga is a natural discipline and Stella brings it to life and eases her students through in a positive mindful way.” Dee, Eastleigh.

“There is something quite magical about Stella’s classes. They are the most gentle classes I have ever been to; they calm and soothe my nervous system. Taught from the heart, with much care and thought (and without ego). She has an holistic approach to yoga, sharing her spiritual wisdom with ease. I love that her classes are suitable for all body (shapes and) types and fellow chronic health sufferers like myself. The quotes at the end of each class are always poignant and give people permission to look after themselves, which is quite difficult in this era”. Jyoti Harvey,  Yoga Teacher.

“Started classes in 2016 and Stella’s calming, energising and beautiful approach to dru yoga has got me hooked. I feel so calm after a class, sleep so much better and would recommend her to anyone how needs less stress in their life!” Larissa, Southampton

“Stella is a loving, sharing teacher who manages to make everyone feel included and the yoga classes are excellent.” Maureen, Eastleigh.

“For me, yoga with Stella is a big, soothing, comforting hug. It fills me with deep inner happiness”. Judith, Bishopstoke

“I was delighted to discover Stella’s Dru Yoga Workshops; just what I was looking for…gentle, yet effective yoga with insightful theory on the body and mind connection, plus dedicated time to concentrate on our breathing. I leave feeling serene and very positive.” Jenny, Hedge End

“I feel Dru Yoga is improving my flexibility and balance. I find Stella’s classes very enjoyable and beneficial. The movements seem simple and straight forward but feel they are strengthening my body as we develop them and link them together. I have recommended Stella’s Dru Yoga classes to friends and family. I feel everyone would benefit from these exercises.”  Patricia, retired

“I think at the end of every session that I have used the whole of my body. Dru yoga seems to suit someone of my age.  I tell my friends that we have good fun while we work our bodies. Time just flies past.” Anon, retired

“Stella’s classes are relaxed and friendly. She demonstrates and talks you through each posture clearly and carefully so you understand all of the elements and how they benefit you. The class is a gentler, slower form of yoga, but you leave feeling you’ve moved every joint and stretched every muscle, which is great after a working day in the office. My favourite part is the led meditation at the end; we don’t get enough moments of time out for ourselves in everyday life.” Christabel, Southampton

“Yoga is something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now taking part in lessons each week with such a brilliant teacher who makes you so relaxed is worth waiting for each Thursday. I would rather miss being at a party than miss yoga!!” Alka Karilai, Southampton

“The Dru yoga class is a gentle and resourcing experience encouraging a gradual awareness and understanding of how to improve suppleness strength and movement in everyday life.” Angela Mawle

“Great strategies to soothe my back and also a good reminder of good posture to prevent. I think about Mountain pose an awful lot now! Well I have to say, what a difference a week and yoga make. My back is on the mend. Thank you – it has helped so much!” Anon, Southampton – came to me for a private 1-2-1 to learn techniques to soothe back ache.”

“I really benefited from the class last night. My back was really hurting when I arrived, but I had no pain or discomfort after the class :-)” Rosie, Southampton

If you’d like to try Dru Yoga then check my classes timetable.