Living Yoga Circle

Living Yoga with StellaDeepen your experience of the life-enhancing gifts of yoga at my monthly Living Yoga Circle, at my home in Bishopstoke, on the last Tuesday / last Wednesday of each month.

This is a space to deepen your practice of yoga. It’ll also be an opportunity to meet with like-minded people, ask questions, share experience, and feed your soul!

There’ll be no physical practice in this group, other than a few gentle stretches to begin.
This Circle is what  is known in Yoga as Satsang – a gathering together to explore the truth, the spiritual, the sacred.

This is work I’m feeling called to do – helping us to understand ourselves and find clarity, inner strength and inner peace through the subtle aspects of yoga.

Are you ready?

Who’s it for?

This Living Yoga Circle is for you if are you:

  • Open to expanding your knowledge of yoga and the body/mind/spirit connection;
  • Interested in deepening your practice of the subtler arts of yoga: Pranayama (breath control); Meditation; and applying yoga philosophy to life;
  • Ready to make positive changes in your life through putting what you learn and experience into practice.

8 places only at each Circle, open only to people who come (or have come) to my yoga classes.

When & where & booking

  • Last Tuesday of each month | 6.30-8pm 
  • At my home in Bishopstoke – I’ll provide you with the address once you’ve booked

The Circle is drop-in – you don’t have to commit to coming to every one (unless you want to!) – book for the sessions you’d like to come to. Remembering there are only 8 places available  in each session.

You don’t need to bring anything with you. You might like to bring a notebook & pen if you like to keep notes! Chairs and meditation cushions will be provided, as well as herbal tea.

How to book

£10 booked in advanceContact me and I will provide you with the password required for booking online. Or, pay me in cash when you see me at weekly yoga class.

2017 Focus

Using our subtle energy body  – the Chakras – as our guide, we’ll explore their qualities; reflect on emotions and issues related to them;  look at how imbalance may be manifesting in your life; and practise meditation to enhance their positive qualities in your body, mind and spirit.

Each session will include a brief overview of the Chakras before we begin.


June 2017: Purpose & Wisdom & Connection

Third Eye & Crown Energy: exploring purpose in life & intuition & perception, and connection.

More to come September-December 2017.