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I’m changing

I'm changingWe’re living in interesting and changing times.

It feels like there’s so much anger and fear in the world.

Yet at the same time more and more people are turning to yoga and meditation and other healing and energy modalities because they instinctively feel there is more to life than materialism and yearn for a greater spirit / soul connection – and are finding this connection and thriving with it.

The world is changing.

And I feel my work changing with it.

I’m feeling called to work more deeply.

Teaching and empowering people who are more sensitive and soulful by nature to find inner peace and to embrace their sensitivity as a force for good in this world which sorely needs more kindness and reflection and compassion and connection.

Dru Yoga, Restorative Yoga, & Meditation are the perfect tools for this work.

So, you’ll find my teaching and writing subtly changing over the coming months to reflect this work I’m feeling called to do.

I hope you’ll come with me on this journey

How can I help you? What support do you need? Let me walk with you, by your side, supporting your sensitive, soulful nature.

Do comment below, get in touch or connect with me on social media: Facebook & Instagram.

Much love,
Stella xxx

Mindfulness in action: a personal story

Meditation and mindfulness in action
Mindfully looking inside

So, last week was a bit of wobbly, weird week for me.

It started off great. I graduated from my two-year Dru Meditation Teacher training. I felt refreshed after a week off. I was looking forward to getting back to my yoga teaching – with that exciting “new term” feel. I’ve got new classes and workplace yoga and mindfulness initiatives coming up.

But then I found myself not sleeping very well. My mind wouldn’t shut up. A Facebook post irritated me and I let it get under my skin.

I felt the “not good enough” button well and truly pressed. Read more…

Soul food: Be content

Soul food:Be content with what you have

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you ~ Lao Tzu

Swim against the tide of our culture which every day tries to tell us we’re lacking and not good enough.

Practise the yoga principle of Santosha – the art of contentment.

Be grateful for who you are and what you have NOW.

Breathe and revel in this moment, for in this moment all is well.

And know that you have all the strength and courage and love and wisdom inside you that you need to realize your dreams.

You ARE enough.

Soul food: Peace of mind

"Promise yourself today to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind" ~ Christian D LarsonSoul food:

“Promise yourself today to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind” ~ Christian D Larson

Peace of mind is an act of strength.

It does require will power. The brain, the mind is programmed to scan, to roam, to wander. To look out for danger. Trouble is, when there’s no immediate danger to attend to the mind will wander off into ruminating on the past or flit off to worrying about the future.

So we need to use our inner strength to choose to where we focus; to bring our attention back into the present moment.

We can do this by anchoring our awareness on the breath; or we can practise mindfulness of the senses – tuning into where we can feel our body in contact with the ground or the seat; hear the sounds around us and so on.

But know our mind *will* always want to wander.

So choose to be strong and choose where you allow your focus and thoughts to rest.

Soul food: Be like water

Soul food:

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it ~ Lao Tzu

In a culture which values competition and confrontation it can be easy to feel to feel not good enough if, like me, your instinct is to be more sensitive and kind and softer.

So take strength from water. Water ALWAYS finds its way yet it seems to weak and yielding.

Turn your back on competition and be like water – let your life flow, keep going, know that in your sensitivity and kindness lie your greatest strengths.

Let yourself be like water and know you WILL always find your way.

Flow like water

Calm contentment: a manifesto!

Sweet Pea: smell the flowers for some calm contentment
Slow down and smell the flowers

Why oh why does our culture glorify busy-ness so much? We’re supposed to struggle, to push through our comfort zones, to do, to achieve, to climb the ladder. Blah, blah, blimmin’ blah. Whatevs. We’re not meant to want to relax in calm contentment.

Well do you know what? I can’t be bothered. It all sounds way too overwhelming and tiring for me, sensitive soul that I am.

I’m not lazy. I work hard – and yes, I find myself pushing too (and wind up exhausted when I do).

So I’m standing up for slowness. For gentleness. For kindness. For sensitivity. For time to relax and notice the simple pleasures in life. Read more…

Soul Food: Troubles

I have known a great many troubles in my life – but most of them never happened ~ Mark Twain Soul food:

“I have known a great many troubles in my life – but most of them never happened” ~ Mark Twain

I love these words! They are SO true.
How many of our troubles are mind-made?!

The mind loves to worry, to fret, to prepare for the worst, to catastrophize, to dramatize – it’s all part of the body-mind’s deep-seated survival instinct.

But we don’t have to be at the mercy of our worries. We can learn to choose whether the troubles need our attention or are mind-made.

With mindfulness we learn discernment – the ability to judge well.

So practise checking in with your thoughts daily and ask “Is this real? Or is it my fearful mind trying to trick me?”

And if it’s your fears talking, smile gently to yourself and tell your mind “Thank you, I know you’re just trying to look out for me, but I don’t need to listen to this today”.

And breathe. Let it go or let it be.

Soul food: The Quiet Mind

To the quiet mind all things are possibleSoul food:

“To the quiet mind all things are possible” ~ Meister Eckhart

How does it feel when your mind is racing? When the monkey mind is jumping from one thing to the other? When you’re ruminating on the past or catastrophising about the future?

Chances are there isn’t much space for exploration there. There is pressure and stress and a whirlwind of worry. Read more…

Soul food: Be tender, be strong

There is nothing stronger in the world than tendernessSoul food:

“There is nothing stronger in the world than tenderness” ~ Han Suyin

Tenderness, sensitivity, kindliness, gentleness. It’s not particularly prized by our society. It’s seen as weak.

But I believe allowing yourself to feel – to be kind, gentle and sensitive – is *incredibly* strong.

Being tender is about letting the feelings in and letting them be known to you and sitting with them or letting them through. Read more…

Yoga for uncertain times

Stormy weather ahead
Stormy weather ahead!

One word, one date. Brexit, 24 June 2016. And a whole world of fear, anger, frustration, and incomprehension opens (…insert your feelings here!).

I’m still feeling shock, anger and fear from the UK EU Referendum result and the follow-on effects of the disarray at Westminster – the back-biting, back-stabbing and vacuum of power.

And I can tangibly sense the disbelief, worry, confusion, rage and fear that has spread through the UK (and beyond).

We’re living in uncertain times – wherever you are in the world. Read more…