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My book is out now!

Peace Lies Within - the bookSo… today’s the day! The day I dreamed of, imagined and planned for…

My first book, Peaces Lies Within is officially published today!

My book baby has arrived! 

I’ve written it for those of you who, liked I used to, feel at the mercy of your mind. 

There is so much stress and pressure in modern life. I feel it too. A lot of it seems to come from external pressure to do, become, achieve, grow in a seemingly never-ending onslaught of demands on your time and attention. And we live in challenging times with upheavals in the political, social, economic and technological status quo.

And the truth is … this is never going to change.

Often these pressures feel so much more stressful because of how we react to them and the stories and dramas and fears and exaggerations created by our complex oh-so-human minds.

But this is also true: the only aspect of life we CAN change and manage is what goes on within us – in our minds, hearts and souls.

Peace Lies Within shares with you 108 ways to tame your mind and connect to your body, heart and soul to feel more positive, present and peaceful. 

With this book I wish to inspire you to become present; to shift your perspective to let go of limiting beliefs; find emotional balance; accept and care for yourself, and look within. So you can rediscover the inner peace, which is your birth right, together with contentment and radiance and joy, so you can live from this place eternally.

It feels so exciting and amazing to finally be sharing my first book with the world … and a bit scary too! It feels quite vulnerable to be putting out my thoughts and suggestions on how we can bring more peace into our lives.

But any feelings of fear are outweighed by the feelings of love I have for you and my fellow humanity … and those of us who are open, ready and willing to take responsibility for our lives and minds and choose to do the inner work in order to feel more content within ourselves and to spread peace through our worlds through our thoughts, words and deeds.

Here’s where you can buy the book!

It’s available as a print book or an ebook.

Want to know more about the book? Read on … and watch these videos.

More about the book

Each section contains inspirations, insights, actions and practices.

Some are very down to earth and practical; some are tools; some are perspectives; some are poetic and inspiring.

Over my years of practice and teaching, I have concluded there are six steps to taming the mind and connecting to inner peace.

See them as six keys to unlock the peace that lies within:

Get out of your head: I offer you practices and perspectives to enable you to feel more grounded; to get out of your head and into your body. To bring you out of the past, and back from the future, into the here and now. These are the foundations of taming your mind to connect to inner peace.

Breathe here now: with this section, I share simple, effective and powerful techniques and perspectives to help you to harness the power of your breath; to tame your mind and your body’s stress response; to feel more in control, settled and calm.

Make friends with your emotions: next, I share perspectives and practices to empower you to change your relationship with your emotional landscape; to make friends with your emotions so you can feel more peaceful, aware and balanced.

Shift your perspective: here I’m sharing guidance and practices that aim to shift your way of thinking. To empower you to realise that you are not at the mercy of events, challenges, other people; or your mind.

Open your heart: in this section, I offer you guidance and tools to open your heart and to be kinder to yourself. To soften and open and allow. Your emotional and spiritual heart is your inner wellspring of peace.

Create connection: and finally, I aim to empower you to bring a sense of connection back into your life through simple actions and perspective shifts; to create a renewed sense of meaning in your life; to strengthen the connections you already have, and to put peace into action.

Each passage ends with a ‘Mind Taming Peace Mantra’ – summing up the piece in a sentence. A sentence you can take as a mantra — a chosen thought — and repeat to yourself, write on post-it notes, or meditate on it to help you to tame your mind and feel more peaceful.

And you also get access to eight specially-recorded guided practices and meditations, which accompany the book.

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Peace Lies Within is the first book by my friend Stella Tomlinson, and with it she aims to help you to find a greater sense of inner peace which so often feels elusive when we’re at the mercy of the thoughts racing around our mind.

‘Peace Lies Within’ offers you another way to live. Ways to tame that busy, fretful mind so you can feel less stressed and more resilient, centered and calm.

It contains 108 practices, insights and inspirations to enable you to: soothe your stress response using mindful body and breath techniques; feel balanced and calm by making friends with your emotions and mind; tune into the energy of your heart and soul to create meaningful connection.

You can find out more about it here:

Watch this

Why I’m angry (and what I’m doing about it)

I often feel incredibly peaceful … yet sometimes I feel unsettlingly angry. 

And I’ve been reflecting on these feelings, the sense of disconnection that so many people feel in so many ways (which I’ve certainly felt myself), and also I’ve been thinking about  why I do what I do as a teacher and writer. Here’s the result of my reflections. I hope this inspires you…

My ‘why’

Stella Tomlinson meditation and yoga: living in rhythm

After much soul-searching I’ve come to realize that my soul’s calling is to guide and inspire sensitive, soulful people like you and me to connect to inner peace by learning to live in rhythm with the flow of life, in alignment with our needs as high sensitives.


Because I’ve come to believe (and feel in my bones) that the epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression in Western cultures – which I have experienced myself – is due to a profound sense of disconnection.

Disconnection from our bodies; disconnection from the natural rhythms, energies and ebbs and flows of circadian rhythms, the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the cycles and seasons of the year.

Disconnection from the joy of simple, sustainable living in accordance with nature.

Disconnection from our heart and soul – firmly lodging us in our head and our fretful mind, at the mercy of our over-stimulated nervous system.

All this disconnection is a path to burnout and ill health … via stress, anxiety and depression.

Do you feel it too? Read more…

Choose gratitude

Bring gratitude into your life, for consciously choosing to feel grateful is a powerful practice.

Let your heart fill with gratitude

Now, I know that life can be challenging and that your health might not be what you’d like it to be. Perhaps family or colleagues are causing you grief. Maybe you’re experiencing low self-esteem and find it difficult to be grateful for yourself, or you’re worried about what’s going on in the world and what the future holds.

Practising gratitude isn’t about denying the challenges and difficulties you may be experiencing.

It’s about choosing to feel grateful for the good you DO have in your life.

It’s easy to get stuck in what we think we lack, or to become overwhelmed by the injustices in this world. In that headspace, you’re likely to feel heavy and low in energy and defeated.

I don’t believe you were born to live life in this way. You were born into a human body with a mind and senses and consciousness to embrace life.

Embracing gratitude and thankfulness for what you do have in your life lifts the spirit and raises your vibration. Read more…

Open to joy

Sun Shining with joy - Yoga in Southampton and EastleighHarness the power of your mind to feel more positive, present and peaceful with this affirmation to breathe in joy:

“I am filled with abundant life and energy”

Close your eyes and imagine golden sunlight, vitality and Prana (life force) flowing over you and through the crown of your head into every cell of your body.

Feel the warmth … See each organ, muscle, bone & sinew, and each cell within you glowing with life and energy and a sense of joy.

If you’re not feeling too well, imagine this energy bringing healing to your body and mind.

Repeat out loud, or silently: I am filled with abundant life and energy.

Breathe deeply – breathe in life and energy, breathe out toxins and tension.

Choose to feel alive and vibrant and joyful!

…Because it is a choice. Read more…

Look within

Meditation in Hampshire: meditate to look within for peaceWhere do you look for wisdom and solace and guidance?

These wise words can give us a hint as to the best place to look:

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens” ~ Carl Jung

Everything in our culture encourages us to look outside ourselves for answers and validation.

It starts at school and as we grow up and throughout adulthood we’re conditioned to look to “experts” to tell us what’s going on inside ourselves; we’re told to buy buy buy all sorts of stuff to make ourselves feel happy; we’re taught that material possessions and career advancement are indicators of our worth. Read more…

What’s your true nature?

Meditation teacher Stella crown of light 400pxI thought these words timely for the start of a new calendar year – especially with so many marketing messages screaming “New Year, New You” at you!

“The aim of life is self-development. To realise one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for” ~ Oscar Wilde

I agree, that the aim of life is self-development.

But it’s not about fixing you because you’re broken.

The old you from last year is perfectly fine.

For me, this speaks to what is at the heart of the yogic approach to ourselves. Read more…

Listen to your heart

Rose Quartz HeartWhich rules within you? Your head or your heart? 

It’s a tricky one.

Do we make choices based on logic, analysis and perceived knowledge, or make them based on inner guidance which often arises as a strong feeling in the body – and may defy logic?

I used to just live in my head, but it was a fretful space to occupy … so now I make it my daily spiritual practice to tune into my heart, because:

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction” ~ Rumi

These words really go to the heart of why I teach and share what I do!

When you settle the body and quieten your mind you will find that you begin to hear a quiet voice whispering to you – the voice of inner wisdom.

Whether you feel its your heart, your soul, your intuition or the voice of god/dess talking to you – we *all* have access to this inner guidance. Read more…

A prayer for inner peace

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, a place to find inner peace
The magical Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Do you have a special place? Where you straight away feel connected to inner peace? Perhaps it’s somewhere close by, or a place in your heart.

One such place for me is the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

I went again recently – my second visit to Glastonbury this year and I know it will be a place I keep returning to!

The Chalice Well gardens are a beautiful sanctuary of peace – have you been there?

Every time I go there (three times just in this latest visit!) I receive so much guidance and clarity. It truly is a magical place.

So, I’d love to share with you a simple vision, a prayer for inner peace and connection which came to me, fully formed, as I sat with the late-summer sun shining down on me in the Chalice Well Gardens recently. Read more…

Make joy your resolution this year

Southampton yoga teacher Stella with her joy jar
My Joy Jar 2016

Happy New Year!  Goodbye to 2016 – a very, ahem, “interesting” year for Britain and the world… How was it for you?

Hello 2017! Here’s to a calm and soulful year of reconnection. Let’s make 2017 a wonderful year of kindness, self-care and compassion.

Would you like to feel more joyful? More present? At peace, calm and contented?

Then start this new year as you mean to go on: choose an attitude of gratitude and notice the joyful moments that occur each and every day in your life. You just need open eyes and a willing heart and you will see them.

No matter the measure of health and wellbeing you have. No matter the challenges you are facing. There is always something which can spark joy.

Maybe it’s the robin jumping around in the garden. The blue-green sheen on a Mallard’s head. The pattern of raindrops as they roll down the window. The rustle of leaves in the breeze. The pattern of frost on a leaf. The smile of a loved one. The feeling of understanding as you chat with a friend. Quiet-time alone to recharge your batteries.

Everyday there will be something in your life which connects you to your heart, to joy, to the present moment. Read more…