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Learn to believe in yourself using techniques of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

Feeling the change of season blues? You’re not alone.

Autumn Leaf: Calming yoga in Southampton to ground and relax
Glory in the beauty of the changing seasons

The seasons have changed again and in the UK we’re most definitely in autumn now!

Bright, crisp mornings which mellow into warmly golden afternoons. And windy, soggy, damp days which seem to weigh down the spirit with the knowledge that winter is around the corner.

Summer has been and gone. And it’s easy to feel sad about that – what with the changeable weather and all!

If you’re a sensitive soul and your body and spirit seem to be more responsive to the change of seasons than most, then you may have mixed feelings at the moment.

Revelling in the beautiful, glowing, light and the vibrant colours and abundance of early autumn, but also feeling restless and unsettled and maybe you can’t quite put your finger on why.

If this is the case for you, then take heart from the fact you’re not alone! I’m hearing from many of my yoga students that  they’re feeling a bit edgy and agitated and (my favourite word of the moment!) discombobulated (i.e. disturbed, upset, disconcerted, confused.)

I know I’ve certainly been feeling this way! My mind has been constantly flitting from one place to another and very often going around in circles and wearing me out. Read more…

The Power of Awareness and Positive Intention

Into the light
Set a positive intention – head towards the light!

If there’s one thing my yoga practice has taught me – it’s the power of the mind to shape the way you experience life.

If your mind is all over the place and unfocused – you’ll feel pulled this way and that in all that you do.

If your mind dwells in the past – you will find it difficult to approach the future with confidence.

If your mind is always jumping forward anticipating all the “what ifs” of any given situation – you will find it impossible to enjoy what you have, here, in your life now.

Believe me,  I know this to be true, because that’s what I’ve experienced myself! Read more…

Need to boost your energy levels? Try these yoga techniques

Bright sun in the sky over sea
Boost your inner sun power

Do you sometimes feel totally exhausted? Drained of energy? Like your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone?!

Believe me, I know what it feels like after a day of trying to cross as many things off your to-do list as possible, being pulled this way and that by the many demands on your time and attention. Sometimes I feel exhausted and totally drained .

Yes, (even) yoga teachers can feel like this too. However, being a good yogini I know which yogic tools to reach for to help restore me to a state of equilibrium.

And I know that when you reach this feeling of deep tiredness, you have a choice. Read more…

Awaken your inner glow – and banish the winter blues

Candle light
See the light within you

So, winter is here. The days are short and cold and damp. The daylight too soon disappears and long, dark evenings stretch ahead of us.  And Christmas is around the corner…

Oh dear! Now I don’t mean to sound like a bah-humbug sort. This time of year can be lovely – the glow of the late-afternoon winter sun; the glittering of fairy lights; the mulled wine and mince pies…

But, let’s be honest. The approaching winter and Christmas-time can be a challenge. Our energy levels tend to dip with the short days yet this is such a busy, pressurised time of the year with Christmas around the corner. For some the mania of Christmas shopping, over-excited children, parties and over-eating!  And for others, it can be a time of loneliness.

Couple this with long nights and darkness, and we can often feel down, stressed and lacking in energy.

To help you through these demands I recommend you try yoga techniques to address both the low energy and the pressure. Read more…

With a little help from your friends

Whatever you wish to do in and with your life – whether it’s enjoying small pleasures, making grand gestures or pursuing big dreams – it’s pretty much impossible to do it on your own.

We are all totally connected in so many ways. We can’t go it alone – no man is an island…

Sometimes it’s just nice to know that other people are there to share our life with; other times it’s good to appreciate how people we will never meet have supported us by making goods we rely on such as growing, processing and delivering our food.

And sometimes we need to reach out to others to help us.

And that’s what I’m doing today… I need your help to enable me to develop my yoga and well-being services.

So, can you help me?

I am carrying out research into how people look after their health and well-being.

Could you give me up to 20 minutes of your time to complete my online survey?

In particular, I’m looking to hear from women who:

  • Feel they need to improve their flexibility and/or
  • Experience regular physical discomfort /pain and/or
  • Would like to learn how to let go and relax

Is this you? Then here’s how you can help me… Complete my online survey and receive *two free gifts* from me as thanks.

Its anonymous, takes up to around 20 minutes to complete and asks about your health and well-being, what services you’ve used to support this, what services you might consider useful, and where you look for information.

You don’t have to be practising yoga to take part or have any knowledge of yoga! And you don’t have to live in the Southampton area (i.e. where I teach) to take part.

As a thank you for your precious time you will receive:

  • colour, illustrated guide with practical tips and exercises to help you to release tension, improve your flexibility and learn to relax – at any time of the day.
  • A 17 minute guided relaxation (in mp3 format) to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Read more…

Dance as though no-one is watching you

jump for joy
Live your life with joy and love, not worry and fear

“Be daring, be fearless and don’t be afraid that somebody is going to criticize or laugh at you. If your ego is not involved no-one can hurt you” Mahala Punateer

Do you sometimes find that there’s something stopping you from trying new things, from overcoming obstacles, from speaking up, or from doing something a little crazy or out of your comfort zone?

Have you ever asked yourself what it is that’s stopping you?

I propose there’s one thing common to us all that holds us back: it is fear.

OK if you’re faced with a situation where your physical or emotional safety could be compromised, fear is probably a healthy reaction.

But beyond that, fear becomes debilitating. Read more…

Love the one you’re with (that’s you, by the way!)

Listen to your heart and learn to love yourself(Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson)
Listen to your heart and learn to love yourself (Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson)

So it’s Valentine’s Day again.

Maybe you love the chocolates and roses and romantic meals.  Maybe you’re single and find this time of year poignant or painful and wish it would go away. Or maybe you prefer to ignore it completely whether you’re single or in a relationship (I fall into this camp for the record, rather viewing it as yet another cynical exercise in manipulating human emotion to make money… so there!).

But whatever you feel about Valentine’s Day, there’s no escaping the messages telling us to express our love for another by buying things of a rosy-shaded hue…

Which leaves me pondering; why are we so rarely encouraged to express love for ourselves? Can we truly love another if we don’t love ourselves first?

And if we’re not used to, or even comfortable with, loving ourselves, how do we even begin to go about doing it?

Phew, that’s a big topic!

So, I’ll approach it from a yogic point of view (naturally!)… Read more…

What you see is what you get

Girl in flight
Take a leap of faith – you can do it!

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.” Dr Wayne Dyer

So, you’re at yoga class and the teacher demonstrates a new pose you haven’t done before. Let’s say it’s Bow Pose. Let’s say you’re feeling a bit stiff in the lower back and shoulders. You look at the pose the teacher is showing you and you tell yourself “woah, hang on a minute, I’m never going to be able to do that!”.

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you’re at work and you’re asked to present to a large group of people – the mere idea of standing up in front of 20+ strangers brings you out in a cold sweat.

Or maybe your son has asked you to look after your baby grandchild for the very first time – and you’re worried that you won’t be able to cope and something might go wrong.

It’s so easy to worry and expect the worst; to underestimate what we’re capable of.

I’ve come to believe that you make your own reality. And if you see things negatively, that’s likely how they’ll be… Read more…

Stop doing, start being

Close-up of Magnolia flower
Let your awareness slowly unfold like a flower in bud (Photo credit: Stella Tomlinson)

“It’s not about doing … It’s about undoing … letting go … releasing … allowing … opening … softening … everything will happen naturally – if you let it.” From “Breath: the essence of yoga” by Sandra Sabatini

I read this yesterday and thought “Yes! This is why I love yoga”.

I love the way I feel more open, softer and grounded while and after I practise yoga and relaxation. I love the sense of freedom of movement it brings.

It enables me to connect to my breath – I breathe deeper, easier and fuller. This eases away tensions and restrictions. I feel free. Read more…

Gain a sense of perspective: sell the goat!

Smiling goat
What goats can you sell?!

So, there I was, sitting staring at the rain crashing against the window on New Year ’s Day, feeling a bit tired and grumpy. I certainly was not feeling the New Year / new possibilities / yay isn’t life great vibe…

It was literally, and metaphorically, one of those grey days.

There was no particular reason for this mood (other than the bad weather and a general sluggishness brought on by the excesses and late nights of the Christmas season!) but I felt a bit down and not particularly excited about the year ahead.

And then I felt sad about that as this will be an exciting year for me as it’s the year when I will start to teach more yoga as I go properly part-time in my day job in spring.

But I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, I picked up the book lying next to me on the sofa, “Living Your Yoga” by Judith Lasater, and flicked through some of the chapters I had previously read. I paused on the chapter on “Perspective” and as soon as I read this line a light bulb flicked on in my head:

“Your life is as it is. How you feel about your life is up to you”. Read more…