Yoga to feel
calm, clear & relaxed

Yoga in Southampton and Meditation in Eastleigh with Yoga Teacher StellaEase anxiety and stress with mindful yoga, relaxation and meditation in Southampton and Eastleigh.

Hey there. You’re so welcome here.  A safe space of calm awaits you!

I’m Stella, an experienced yoga & meditation teacher & writer, sensitive soul, and a lover of mindful living, self-care and kindness.

I enable stressed-out souls to move from tension to relaxation, from overwhelm to inner peace, and from confusion to clarity.

And I am passionate about enabling yoga to be accessible to all. So, no matter what emotional stresses and strains or bodily aches and pains you’re currently living with, know that you can safely experience the life-enhancing gifts of yoga with me.

I’m here to enable you to slow down, release, rest, reconnect & heal… 

I’m here to show you the way to reconnect body, mind and soul;
to develop emotional resilience; & to rediscover inner peace
so you can live a life of joyful ease and calm contentment.

~ Find peace in this frantic world ~

Is this you?

Your body feels tense and mind is full: you’re doing your best but you often feel stiff, tired and stressed or anxious.

You’re craving relief from the symptoms of anxiety and stress: the headaches, the back pain, the tense shoulders and jaw, the neck pain, the muscle tension, the digestive problems, the constantly whirring, busy mind and the fearful feelings.

You’re sensitive to your surroundings, other people, loud noises, bright lights, you can feel easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation and information, you’re intuitive and empathic and you crave quiet-time away from the frantic world (i.e. you’re Highly Sensitive).

You know it is possible to feel better, and you either feel drawn to yoga, relaxation and meditation because you have a gut feeling it will help you, or you’ve practised it in the past and want to re-embark on your yoga journey to peaceful living.

You’re ready to reconnect to your body, breath, mind & emotions; to connect to your soul and to the quiet inner voice of wisdom within.

Let’s work together

I’d love to walk this path alongside you: the path to the stillness, soulfulness and the deep contentment within which yoga shows us was always there all along. Let me enable you to reconnect you back to you.  Here’s how:

Weekly Classes
Press pause in your busy week with mindful movement & breathing, working with intentions, relaxation & a little meditation to ease the symptoms of anxiety & stress in your body and mind. Weekly classes in central Southampton, Swaythling and Bishopstoke, near Eastleigh.

Monthly Rest & Restore Restorative Yoga Class
Move into stillness and turn down the dimmer switch on your over-stimulated nervous system. Come into a peaceful space with time just for you to release, relax and reconnect.

Workshops & Events
Move deeper into the stillness & wisdom within through the gifts and tools of yoga, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and applying yogic philosophy to life with Living Yoga with Stella Workshops in Eastleigh, near Southampton, on Saturday afternoons.

Private 1-2-1 Yoga & Meditation
Personalised tuition and mentoring on Dru Yoga, Restorative Yoga, meditation & mindfulness to give you transformational tools to rediscover your inner strength, balance, stillness and calm.

Indian Head Massage
Let me tease out tension from your shoulders, neck and head and treat you to a blissful, deep relaxation.

Soul Wisdom
Let my writing inspire you and to give you different perspectives on your body, mind and emotions.

…Why not start by making some time for you with my free Calm, Clear & Relaxed Tool Kit?

About me

I’m a lover of mindful living, self-care and kindness; taking the radical option of rest and relaxation; appreciator of life’s simple pleasures; follower of the seasons and cycles of life; and a highly sensitive person. All of this is at the heart of how I teach. I’ve been practising yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2011. Read more.

Yoga style

Dru yoga Southampton, Dru yoga Eastleigh
Dru Yoga Classes in Southampton & Eastleigh

I mainly teach Dru Yoga, which I blend with mindfulness, a little Yin-inspired yoga, and restorative yoga, relaxation and meditation.

I combine mindful awareness of the body, breath, thoughts and feelings to help you to feel whole again. Through this I weave awareness of the natural cycles of life through connecting to the seasons and the elements to feel connected to the web of life.

So, in my weekly classes you’ll experience a slow flowing, therapeutic, slower-paced style of yoga. You’ll be encouraged to move mindfully – that is with kind, compassionate self-awareness – and be encouraged to work with what feels good for you and your body. You’ll connect to your breath.  You’ll relax. We also use (silent) affirmations and visualisation to tap into the power of your mind to make positive changes to your health, wellbeing and life.

And in my monthly classes, workshops and events we slow down even more to enrich that reconnection of body & mind – diving deeply into the restorative, calming, empowering tools yoga, mindfulness and meditation offer us.

My classes & workshops are suitable for you if you’re experiencing emotional stresses and strains or bodily aches and pains, and are always open to beginners (I demonstrate and describe everything we do).

Or if you’re a more experienced yogi, well, this is a style of yoga you may not have experienced before! It’s gracefully flowing and Tai Chi-like, we take a mindful approach and connect to all layers of our experience: body, breath & energy, emotions, mind & thoughts and that blissful sense of stillness and connection that yoga brings.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to slow down, relax and to feel joyfully at ease in your body and mind. Come along and give it a try. Calmness awaits…

If you have any questions, do get in touch.

What my students say

“For me, yoga with Stella is a big, soothing, comforting hug. It fills me with deep inner happiness”. Judith, Bishopstoke

“I was delighted to discover Stella’s workshops; just what I was looking for…gentle, yet effective yoga with insightful theory on the body and mind connection, plus dedicated time to concentrate on our breathing. I leave feeling serene and very positive.” Jenny, Hedge End

“The class is a gentler, slower form of yoga, but you leave feeling you’ve moved every joint and stretched every muscle.” Christabel, Southampton.

“Stella is an inspiring teacher whose love of yoga shines out through her teaching.” – Sue, Yoga For Calm.

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